You GOTTA see this Store!!!

Welcome to Eagles Nest Antiques & Home Decor Online!
Just like our beautiful 14,000 sq. ft. showroom located in Columbia Falls, Montana, our WEBSTORE is a fun place to find great deals on unique, quality items both antique and handcrafted! Our family has shared a love for travel and antiquing throughout the USA for over 40 years. Along the way we have seen it all!  We have an appreciation for artistic talent and quality craftsmanship. We feel blessed to live in such a gorgeous valley filled with an amazing and diverse range of artisans that produce exceptional items at very fair prices. 

We currently have over 180 dealers, and counting. Each one contributes their own matchless, unique items to our ever growing collection.  We have the luxury of watching our inventory expand exponentially with each passing day.  In addition, our valley has blessed us with incredibly talented craftsmen who can create anything your minds eye can envision.  From antler art, to custom furniture and even custom built homes, these artists can create it all!     

Trying to find a wide variety of great items & talent without spending a great deal of time and a tank of gas used to be a challenge...NOT ANYMORE!  Now, artists and home decor crafters of ALL types have one huge showroom in which to showcase their unique and quality items to market for your shopping pleasure and convenience.